Welcome projects like family. Each project is a responsibility and a privilege.  Being part of this process is an important matter. Beginning a new project with this in mind is crucial.


Make it personal. If a project is essential, it’s not only important to the client but everyone.  There is special care in the work we do when it is important to us. The result, in the end, is something to feel proud of. That’s the aim.


Combine disciplines. Creativity means searching for solutions when problems seem too complicated. That’s why sometimes it is necessary to mix any discipline to find the solution that suits better. Digital, analogic, paper, paint, photography. Anything.


Embrace tradition. Creativity doesn’t mean creating out of nothing but making new things from existing ones. Never fear the past and endure the future with strong roots. Innovation many times comes from learning from the past


Squeeze creativity. We can’t run out of thoughts and ideas. Saint Vicent of Paul said that love is creative to infinity. When something is exciting and moving, we always manage to find new possibilities. Creativity is a muscle that needs exercise.


Find in nature and culture. Many times that what we are looking for is hidden in little details amongst our everyday life. The most ordinary things most of the times open the door the most unexpected and extraordinary ones.


Prioritize details. It’s true that details with no base to support them make no sense. However, it is also true that details make the difference. If time is of an essence, and it usually is, there is no better investment than wasting time in details.


Inspire to inspire. Search inspiration in every discipline, in everything that calls to create. And always with the knowledge that creativity belongs to one in particular and that today’s work can (and must) be an inspiration for tomorrow.


Nourish and usher projects. Each project is unique and needs to be taken care of like a child or a delicate item. Just doing a job is not good enough. There must be a follow-up, see how it progresses and grows until it blooms. It is, after all, something worth seeing.


Let fly. It’s bound to happen. A project must be independent and self-sufficient. Therefore it’s necessary to establish the projects’ roots and bases so that it may be strong on its foundations and never crumble when storms come.

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